Hoop House Under Snow

It’s in the single digits again.  And it snowed yesterday. (That’s the moon setting over the Flatirons).

The hoop house is under snow.  Last year it collapsed under the snow, but I reinforced it this year.  Snow insulates, so I don’t want to brush the snow off unless the weight gets to be too much for the frame.

Inside, my little starts are growing, slowly.  The broccoli and cabbage are from last fall. I pulled some fall carrots and beets just last week. They’ve been hanging in there. Plants will make good progress in a hoop house or cold frame, if the average inside temperature is at least 50 degrees.  It’s a bit colder than that right now . . .

The black trash cans are filled with water for a heat sink. In the big pot on the left are herbs.  On the right, lavender.  Both tend to get too cold if I leave them outside. Adding a layer of crop cover inside the hoop house would help protect my little plants.  I’m going looking for that this weekend.

It won’t be long before spring and then I’ll uncover the hoop house gradually until the plastic cover comes off completely in the summer.

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