In Pursuit of the Simplest Things

I’m astounded at the community out there on the web. You can find find people blogging about everything! Since my passion is cooking and canning, and photography, I search those topics and follow blogrolls to find things I’m interested in.

Last March it all sounded very complicated.  I’d been on a few blogs before, and they were a little scary.  Just to think that someone could write virtually an electronic magazine who was possibly a nobody like me! And people would read their blog!

Whenever I’m scared about something, (take a look at my About Me page), I have to do it.

I was teaching Reading last March, so since I knew nothing about creating a blog, I decided all my 6th grade students would create their own.  The blind leading the blind. I learned so much from them (my students and their blogs — because kids check out everything and have a tech savvy that is amazing)!!!!! Thanks kids!  (They love widgets!)  And thanks to Edublogs, a WordPress Blog thingy for schools.

So I’ve been reading Pioneer Woman for a while (is there anyone out there that doesn’t?) and she has this Tasty Kitchen blog community where you can submit recipes.

I signed up — naturally — because it made me a little nervous to sign up to such a big thing.  I have to admit, I didn’t know at the time how to submit a recipe so I haven’t done that yet (even though I’m sure it’s very easy and simple and anyone with a bit of tech savvy could do it, or maybe even someone without much tech savvy, but someone willing to take the step . . .)

Did you ever notice that the first time you do something, it seems hard.  After each try you get better and better and it gets easier and easier until it’s almost automatic, like breathing?  That’s the way it is with karate and piano.  And canning.  And teaching middle school . . . actually, no.  Teaching middle school falls into it’s own special category.

Anyway, I’m jazzed now, because someone asked to be my friend on Tasty Kitchen!  Awwwwww . . . . I couldn’t sleep last night, realizing that now I had another task before me — to find out how to ask someone to be a friend too — and I did it!  This morning!  Early — maybe even before six because I haven’t put the garbage out and it’s in the negative digits and my hair is wet and will freeze at right angles to my head. So why not procrastinate?

It was a short learning curve to add a friend.  My next big project — learning how to add a recipe.  And then I’ll do it until it becomes so simple that I wondered why I didn’t do it before! Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I have to get the recycling out or I’ll have to deal with a full can and little recyclables (is that a word?) stacking up for another two weeks . . .

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4 comments to In Pursuit of the Simplest Things

  • I am excited to by your tasty kitchen friend! haha 🙂
    Submitting a recipe is super easy! I have found that since I have already typed the recipe up for my blog, all I have to do is enter all the ingredients (which I must admit is a bit time consuming!) but then I can simply copy and paste the actual directions and click submit!
    If you have any problems or need help let me know!


  • elizabeth

    Thanks Marie — that’s going to help! I’ll check out your blog too : )

  • StellaP

    Hi Elizabeth! I just accepted your friend request at Tasty Kitchen, so I am visiting your blog. This is a great way to get readers!

    I have a blog on wordpress but, so far, it is private as I learn to use the darned thing. I am also an administrator on another blog with some people who know what they are doing, so that helps too.

    Post a recipe – it’s easy.

  • elizabeth

    Thanks Stella — good luck on wordpress — I really love it. I still can’t get my gallery to work though . . . maybe this weekend’s project : )

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