The 8th Day of Christmas: Gift of a New Script


Eight Maids a Milking . . . What were they milking anyway?  Cows, goats, or our reactions to their emotional stories — heartbreak, financial ruin, weeds in the grass . . .

Did you know that our thoughts can operate on automatic?  And they do, most of the time.  Just as breathing or circulation is automatic, we think thousands of thousands of thoughts a day, each day, with little control over them.

Yet we can control them.  It’s a habit, like any other habit.  Something that seems hard to start with but gets increasingly easier until we wonder why we didn’t acquire that habit sooner.

Rather than rerunning old scripts this year, think about writing some new ones.  Maybe sequels, where instead of dwelling on what happened or should have happened, how the lesson learned has created a more flexible, unique and capable you.

Or better yet, entirely new scripts that celebrate your compassion, connectedness and capabilities.

Check the first script that runs through your head when you wake up in the morning and start with that one.  If it’s not kind and gentle to your awakening soul, it’s time to rewrite.

Do you roll over and say “ugh, another day . . . everything is going to go wrong today just like yesterday and . . .”  or do you wake with a smile, and think something like “this is the first day of the rest of my life . . . I will dedicate today to encouraging myself to be the best I can be . . .”

Which script would you rather be reading?  Perky Pollyanna’s or Ominous Oscar’s?

Let’s not get down on Oscar, though (he’s down enough already).  Most people have both positive and negative thoughts.  The key is to distinguish between those that are authentic concerns, and those that seem to keep you in a funk, limit you, and plummet your self-esteem.

Some people need more than a rewriting of the scripts to lift their mood.  Sometimes exercise, diet and change helps, and sometimes talking to a friend or your doctor is best.  Maybe there is something you are overlooking that needs to be taken care of before you feel able to rewrite your scripts.

You can rewrite your scripts on a monthly basis or a weekly basis, or even a daily basis. You can physically write them down to get started  — you might think of them as affirmations, because they are — or self-talk because they are — or your own personal cheering section, because they are!

See if the repetition of a new script doesn’t start to drown out some of those automatic and energy-depleting thoughts that zing through your head unbidden.

See if your friends and family don’t appreciate a new script as well . . .

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