The 6th Day of Christmas: Gift of Releasing the Old

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to look backward to look ahead.  The end of one year and the beginning of the next is a great time to do this.  But so is every day, in tinier amounts . . .

So let’s proceed on to Out With the Old, and In With the New.  Or let’s Say Goodbye to the Old, and Ring in the New . . .

Maybe, we’re honoring the past so we can plan for the future.

However you want to look at the two linked gifts for today and tomorrow, they will work for you to release the energy you have tied up in “things” so that you can put it to achieving what where you want to go.


One year on the last day of the year, I caught my mother sorting through the drawers in her bureau.  She’s always been great at sorting through things and letting go of the ones that she doesn’t need anymore.  She might not remember that now, but she told me it was something of an end-of-the-year ritual . . .

When she helped me sort, she’d pick up an item and ask “pitch” or “keep” very speedily, and because it was always my first response that was most accurate, she’d then put it in the appropriate pile. Ever notice that the longer you think about something, the more you start to miss it and hold on to it, when you haven’t looked at it in years? If you don’t have an inner “pitch” machine don’t worry — it can be learned.

We hold on to all kinds of things — clothes that don’t fit, boxes of school papers for a child with a home of their own now, Christmas decorations that we never want to use again, food that’s months past it’s expiration date, holey underwear, trash . . .

A good rule of thumb, except for special momentoes, important papers and red wine, is if you haven’t used it in the last year, consider letting it go.

As you let things go, you open up more space for new things in the form of experiences and opportunities as well as “things”.  But make a conscious decision this year to pare down a bit.  Your wallet will thank you, and your energy will start to zip when it is not caring for a bunch of “things”.

One of my favorite fantasies is to figure the 10 essentials for a camping trip.  Or the 10 essentials for a travel toilet kit.  Or the 10 most important pieces of kitchen equipment.  I like to pare down things, so that I can focus in on the most important. If I go on a trip, it refreshes me and encourages me to pare down when I get home because I managed to live on less.

You’re not going to find sewing needles and emergency candles in my purse, but some  might swear that I should have them in there — it’s a matter of choice.  It’s also a matter of how many things I want to root around in to find my keys.

Same at home — how many things do you want to look at, dust, store, or rearrange instead of doing something else?

While you’re sorting through things, make the job fun.  Choose a small amount, turn on the telly or listen to some music, or even light a scented candle.  Why do chores have to be chores?  Make it a pleasure to release objects that have served you well.

Here’s to the Gift of Releasing the Old, a slimmer environment and a more energetic you.  And what would you do with six laying geese anyway? All those eggs!  And how long before you tired of their honking, not to mention the other gifts they’d leave you?

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