The 2nd Day of Christmas: Gift of Silence


I never seem to get a minute to myself during the holidays.  Maybe it’s the same with you.  We need a break, a timeout, a period of silence every day.  Otherwise the well gets drained and our energy depleted.

So take a timeout for yourself every day.  How long you take depends on you, but don’t settle for less than 20-30 minutes, and if you can get 30 minutes morning and evening, that’s best.  Now I know it’s not as cute as two turtle doves, but it’s possible that it will be more illuminating and the cost is $0.00 so give yourself the Gift of Silence.

Now during that silence time, start by emptying your thoughts about everyone else.  I do this by imagining a huge red rose on a long stem that grows very large until it is just as big as me.  Then I ask all thoughts, concerns, or energy I’ve spent on everyone else to enter that rose.  Don’t worry — it’s not like you won’t get them back if you choose to, just not during your silence time.  And look where you’re putting them — nice and safe in a beautiful red rose.  Those thoughts will thank you for the vacation, believe me.

Now you’ll spend the time listening.  You can suggest a topic — like what is the most important thing for me to accomplish today, or how can I help myself heal, or how can I get ahead of my bills, or how can I help my child the best . . . you get the picture.  The only requirement is that it has to be mainly about you!

Then you listen.  Whether you believe your answer comes from God, the Source, your higher self, an angel or guide, or jiminy cricket (the voice on your shoulder . . .) respect any images (eyes shut are best for this), words, knowing or body sensations you get.  We all interpret divine data differently.

Don’t give up on this process if it doesn’t work for you.  Don’t give up on this process if the answers seem outrageous, although if in doubt, continue to ask the same question for several days and see if your initial listening experience was correct.  If you keep going into silence at least once a day, you’ll tune your listening mechanisms just like a runner prepares his muscles for a marathon.

When you’ve recharged, sit for a minute and thank yourself or anyone who extended their presence during your silence.

Then see if the rest of the day doesn’t go a little bit better . . .

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