The 1st Day of Christmas: the Gift of Water


The Twelve Days of Christmas are thought of as the days between Christmas and Jan 6th, when the wise men traveled to find the child. But I’m feeling the need to give to myself right now, before the holidays get crazy . . .

I found myself humming this song just a few days ago.  On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree . . .  Now that was a sweet gesture but then I scoffed at the lyrics as I remembered them . . . once you get past the five gold rings things become quite ridiculous and expensive!!!

Not to mention that not everyone has a true love to give them such things . . . but wait, I am mistaken.  To be able to give love to others, you need to be able to give it to yourself.  What better time than the present?  Be your own true love! Care for, nurture and give to yourself as if you are the most precious thing in the world, because YOU ARE! And unlike the lavish, extravagant gifts, yours don’t have to cost a cent, but can be priceless.

On the first day of Christmas I gave to me — the Gift of Water.  Please drink water, every day.  Drink your weight in pounds divided in half and reassigned as ounces.  If you weigh 150 pounds, that’s 75 ounces a day.

And when I say water, I mean water and not liquid.  Liquid, depending on what’s in it, could be sapping your body of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, particularly if that liquid contains sugar or other detrimental ingredients like caffeine and alcohol . . .

Last summer my kids celebrated 1 year of eliminating soda from their diet.  It was their idea, but I went along with it because it was so healthy.  Yes, at the end I had to ante up my part of the deal — $100.  But I saved much more than that in frippy drink costs, dentist and doctor bills.  Not to mention having to lug heavy containers home from the store filled basically with adulterated tap water.

The pediatrician’s office has a computer program where you input your food and exercise habits at the yearly physical, then the  nurse enters height and weight and everything merges together to give a printout of where the child is health-wise.

When my son had his physical last summer, the nurse commented on how his BMI is now super healthy.  She asked how he did it, and he said he hasn’t had any soda for a year.  She was so impressed she wanted to know if she could mention him as an example when it came to healthy living!

How simple it would be if every time you were thirsty, you reached for a glass of water. No choices need to be made, no calories counted, just fill up with water.

We don’t know how lucky we are.  If you have an internet connection, you likely have the resources and access to abundant, clean water.  That’s not so with everyone.  I wish it were.  But I am thankful that I have water.

Simple, but also life transforming, water  keeps us healthy, not only in terms of weight, but keeps the processes in our bodies going, prevents colds and the flu, wards off asthma and other respiratory diseases, and gives us energy!!! ENERGY!!! Who doesn’t need more of that?

So on this first day of Christmas create a new daily habit of water.  You can do it.  You’re worth it.  Stop everything several times a day, and drink up.  Do it when you first feel thirsty, although by that time, chances are you’re already dehydrated, so do it before you get thirsty.  Do it when you’re reaching for food but know you’re not hungry, because being thirsty makes us think we need to eat something . . .

If you already give yourself enough water, then consider where that water comes from.  Are you buying bottled water, or did you just spring for an inexpensive faucet mount water purifier?  Giving to yourself could be saving money on the gift of water.  The tap is free, the water filters are very inexpensive and don’t create land-fill problems . . . Happy Hydrating!

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