A Simple Christmas

The tree is up, the stockings are hung, everyone is still in school, but it’s time to start thinking about how to make the holidays special.  Do you like a frantic, frazzled pace this time of year?  Or are you looking for some special times with family or friends?

I’m not the frantic type, although I do like to make lots of things during the holidays.  I think it started when I had little children that needed to be kept occupied . . . maybe that’s not quite right either.  Maybe it started when I was very small and nicknamed busy Lizzie . . .

Anyway, people can learn to change.  I’m planning on having a post for every day in December, but I’m planning on chillin’ a bit and doing a few special things with my kids.

There are whole websites devoted to simplifying the holidays.  One of my favorites is the new american dream at newdream.org/holiday/.

So here’s to you enjoying the holidays, whether you’re partying hard, retreating at home, or starting something entirely new.  Life is about change.  Even during times fraught with tradition.  Just remember, you’re in charge . . .

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