Mirror, mirror on the wall Part 2

As I was saying, I decided to add a few highlights to my hair, and then I started thinking about (or maybe it was the voice of the mirror) adding some highlights to my LIFE.

Have you heard the expression “change your hair, change your life”? Maybe not, because it seems like I just made that up, but when I get the urge to drastically change my appearance, it’s an indicator that I’m moving towards reinvention.

In my mind’s eye, as I was getting my highlights — just a touch, and very natural, please — I swear I saw the mirror lady smiling and nodding her head!  Anyway, I used her for a coach, mentor, big sister, you name it.  I still didn’t think that she was me, but I would look to her for approval when I tried something new.

I started reading books — happy books — and trying to act on how they influenced me.  I started to exercise.  I started to play the piano again, to sew, to write and to make things with my kids again.

Soon I understood that I’d been in a spot where I felt that I couldn’t/didn’t deserve to go to the wall and ask for hope.  How I got there is another story, but the mirror’s smile made me come back again and again, and as I rebuilt my relationship with my mirror self, I started to see myself in her. And this gives me goosebumps — my hair started to grow in lighter! Honest!

The outside of me was easy to fix, but the inside is a work in progress. Even so, as my spirits lifted my smile started to glimmer and my eyes shimmer with delight in this world. When I look in the mirror these days, I see a family resemblance between me and the mirror lady.  I still have parts I have to work on to meet her on every level, but she is my potential, my authentic self. I don’t doubt it anymore.

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