Taming Your Gremlin

Someone once told me I’m very reflective.  That doesn’t mean shiny and bright like tinsel, (of course I knew you knew that), but that I look back to look forwards, just as light can come in  from one angle and shoot off in another angle when reflected.

This is the time of year I do the most reflecting, probably like most of you.  One year is closing, and there is always the impetus to change and grow when the end of the year approaches.

Taming Your Gremlin is just as the subtitle suggests “A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way”.  It’s by Rick Carson (Harper Collins, 2003) and is a classic book (first published in 1983), has entertaining illustrations and is engagingly written to help you find that voice that keeps you from your life.

The exercises and examples in the book help you look honestly at what is holding you back, and putting “what” into the form of a gremlin is playful yet effective — because you can shrink that gremlin, disempower that gremlin, and even find a way to get that gremlin to work with you as you break through assumptions and define your choices and redirect your course.

You can check on the author and the work he’s doing (he teaches workshops in Gremlin Taming) as well as his latest book A Master Class In Gremlin Taming at tamingyourgremlin.com

It’s an easy read, and the kind of book I return to every so often to redirect my path.  Maybe a good book to give as a gift . . . definitely a book to do some meditating on before the New Year . . .

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