Day 18: Enlist help

I’m the kind of person who wants to do things myself, especially when it comes to deciding what goes or stays, but my earliest memories of streamlining my “stash” involved my mom and I sitting on the floor looking through things together.  She would hold up an item and say “pitch or keep”.  It was easier sometimes to let go of something when it wasn’t in my hand!  If you are struggling with a decluttering project, consider enlisting some help.  Recently my garage had gotten out of control.  With all the other things I was trying to do around the yard, I couldn’t get started on the garage.  So I asked a friend who sometimes cleans to come over.  I made it an appointment, and she and I moved so much stuff into the trash!  Because I made the appointment, I felt like she was depending on me keeping it (so I prioritized the day for decluttering and didn’t stop until we had completed the time I allotted) and because she was there, I was less likely to hold onto things that were “iffy”.  Try it — it’s a great technique.

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