‘Tis the Season

There are many reasons to can, but one of the reasons that makes me most joyful this time of year is being able to share what I’ve canned as gifts with family and friends!

While most of my gift recipients are happy with simply labeled jars of treasure, they look even better dressed up for the holidays . . .

You can cut a circle of fabric or paper  1 1/2 inches larger in diameter than your canning jar lid, and then fold it around the top of the jar before screwing down the lid.  I used apple paper for these dried apple slices.

Wrap a fresh grape leaf around a jar of grape jelly while the leaves are in season, and tie it with raffia. This looks very natural, but be aware that once the grape leaves are dried they may be brittle.  Try brushing glycerin on the leaf before it has fully dried to keep it more flexible.

I dressed this jar of elderberry jelly up with a piece of vellum paper, and then fabric.  Some materials try to creep off the jar while you’re tying them, so attach a small tape loop to the jar top to hold the vellum down to start with.  I also attached a loop of tape to the top of the vellum to hold the fabric in place.

Pipe cleaners hold fabric securely in place.  I used a black pipe cleaner on this jar of dill pickles, and then, once secure, added a silver stretchy ribbon.

You can choose to keep rings on, or take them off while dressing your jars for gift giving.  Be sure to include instructions that once opened, the jars should go in the fridge and be consumed in the next month, and that contents should last, unopened, about a year from their processing date.

If you mail your packages to family across the country, be sure to wrap the jars well in bubble wrap or other cushioning material.

Happy giving!

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