Thankful for Camels

About this time of year, I get all kinds of requests in the mail for donations.  My favorite is Heifer International because I see just how helpful the gifts of animals are to destitute people.

In this season of being thankful and giving thanks, the Maasai in Tanzania are very thankful for the camels provided by Heifer International that are saving their lives today.

I read the article about a week ago, and it’s been percolating through my mind because the willingness of a group of women to embrace change has transformed the lives of their community to avoid death and starvation.

The Maasai have traditionally lived a nomadic life, raising cattle and goats, but the animals have perished due to drought and starvation.  Camels have proven to be just right for the Maasai, providing lots of milk, strength to haul water and firewood, and the ability to go for periods of time without water (Did you know a camel can drink up to 30 gallons of water at a time and store it?).

Sometimes we cling to things that we’ve always done because of opposition from others, or fear that we will fail, or the inability to see things in a new way.

I am surrounding by opportunities here, quite unlike the women of the Maasai.  They made a decision to change things, and as a result of that decision (even though Elders might not have agreed, and the women might not have felt like they had a voice and who knows what else might have blocked their path) they have been given the opportunity to flourish with the gift of these camels.

Stories like this give hope, and elicit thanksgiving.  For a link to the article click here.

Maybe it’s because there were so destitute, maybe it’s because they weren’t distracted by the things that distract us today, maybe it’s because they are so thankful for the little they have or maybe it’s because they asked and were ready to receive that this gift of camels, of life, came to them.  Something to think about . . .

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