The Little Engine That Could

I was cleaning out my room this weekend, and sorting through books, and found a very old copy of The Little Engine That Could by Margaret Bragg (McQueen, 1967).

Immediately, I thought — “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” because I remember that was in the story, but I didn’t remember the story itself.

So I had to re-read it and here is my summary:

Little Engine was given the task to get toys to the other side of the mountain for the last of the Christmas Shopping.  Under her heavy load, she actually “ran out of steam” and got discouraged and asked for help from passing engines who for different reasons, didn’t help her.

Then she spied a very Small Engine, smaller than herself, and asked for help.

The very Small Engine did try, saying to herself “I think I can . . .” and though not any stronger than the other engines, she pulled the Little Engine and train over the mountain successfully.

If The Little Engine That Could is not required reading for all children, I think it should be.  And maybe for some adults who have forgotten the story as well.   Because if we think we can, then we’ll try. And if we try, amazing things might happen . . .

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