DAY 9: Get in the flow

You may find that some days you get a lot accomplished very easily.  Things seem to perk along and before you know it, your task is finished or your time is up.  It’s as if you are in trance.   When this happens, ride the current!   Search for the flow the next time you start.  The more a task becomes automatic, the quicker it becomes a habit and sooner or later, a ritual.  Then it’s more likely you experience the flow.  In the flow, things get done easily, swiftly, almost without effort.  In the flow time passes, or doesn’t pass, but the work is completed.  When you’re in the flow it’s less like work and more like play.  Which leads me to another point.  If you can’t seem to find the flow, try to find some play in what you’re doing, and it may come.

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