Do It! Part 2

In my earlier post I introduced you to Peter McWilliams’  “fear is the energy to do our best in a new situation”. Besides that great piece of motivational advice, he also says (on page 137 of his book, DO IT!):

— Guilt is the energy for personal change.

— Unworthiness keeps us on track.

— Hurt feelings remind us how much we care.

— Anger is the energy for change.

— Discouragement reveals our courage.

I’m not going to go in depth about these, because you’ll get more out of the simplicity of these statements and figuring out how they apply to your life.  You can harness all the energy you have that’s saying “DON’T DO IT!” to achieve “DO IT!”.

I’m planning to hang a copy of these over my desk to look at whenever I start to think I’m discouraged.

By working with these negatives, we transmute them into positive forces for change.

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