DAY 8: Advanced Habits – Rituals

Once you have picked the best time of day, then lock it in and make it a ritual.  But be smart about it, because a ritual that makes sense and fits in your day will last longer than a ritual that upsets your schedule or seems counterproductive.  In the summer I have time in the morning before my kids get up.   It’s when I’m most productive, but when school starts in the fall I lose my early morning time because the kids have to get up earlier, and because I’m a teacher and I have to get ready for the day.   During the school year it makes more sense that I clutter bust when my kids are doing their homework in the evening, and that I spend shorter amounts of time on it.  As with every ritual, try to do something the same way each time.  I work with a cup of coffee or tea.  If I don’t have the cup, something is amiss.  Maybe you set up with your iPod, or have a bowl of grapes, or always wear a red shirt.  Crazy as this seems, when you create a ritual you are saying to your subconscious that it is time to get going!, Some meditators sit on the same mat each time they meditate.   They say it holds the energy of meditation, so that it is easier to slip into meditation the next time if they are sitting on the mat.  My cup holds the energy of sorting and organizing.

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