Sourdough — Day 2

Yesterday we started sourdough.  You may be wondering if we’re going to can sourdough, and in fact, you can, but it will cease to be a live ferment, and be some sort of cooked batter — so we aren’t!

Live fermenting foods are very healthy (consider yogurt, kefir, etc), and belong on your countertop bubbling away, or in a cool pantry or refrigerator ready to use at a moment’s notice.  Sourdough starter can also be stored in the freezer. If you get a nice bubbling sourdough starter, consider freezing 1-2 tablespoon portions for later, in case your current starter eventually dies out.

I started these yesterday and from left to right they are:   starter from grape bloom,  “wild caught” starter, packaged starter.

Do you see the bubbles?   On the photo below, I stirred each one and they look smooth. I also took the grapes out of the one on the left, because I’m sure the yeast has transferred already.  I don’t think the sourdough is ready yet . . .

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