The Power

The Power is by Rhonda Byrne ( SImon and Schuster, 2010) who created the film The Secret as well as the book by the same name. I was not looking for this book, and didn’t have it already on the shelf, waiting to read it.

Instead, I was at the airport, thinking about how nice it would be to have the money to travel more, when the ticket woman announced that my flight was oversold and wouldn’t someone like to earn a $300 travel voucher plus the cost of the flight from St. Louis to Denver?  So I jumped on it!

It felt like a complete coincidence to me to wish for travel funds and then to be almost immediately rewarded with them, but Rhonda would not agree.  She’d say that I drew the opportunity to me with my feelings. Not the negative ones, like I don’t have the money to travel more, but positive ones like I’d LOVE to be able to travel more . . .

So with the extra time before my next flight I was perusing the book store, and couldn’t find any book that looked interesting except The Power. It stuck out brightly between the other books.  In fact, it almost jumped off the shelf into my hands (Ever had that experience?  And it turns out to be just the book you need at the moment?) and inside was Rhonda, telling me why I attracted this travel money to me.

Now I’ve read a bit about attraction already — how important charging a desire with feelings is.  (That sounds very awkward but it isn’t.)  Somewhere along the way, your wishes have to change to strong emotional desires, and when they do, things tend to come to you.

I know the way it sounds, but we are in 2010.  And New Age concepts have been around for a while.  From some of the quotes in the book, they’ve been around prominently since the early 1900’s, but go back thousands of years . . .

Think about it — when you really want something, and you invest in it emotionally, the chances are that you’re going to pursue it until you get it.  When you fall in love, all your thoughts are on that other person, and you are continuously investing in your positive emotions of love, and so you draw that person towards you through attraction.

So if it works for love interests, why can’t it work for other opportunities?

I liked the book because it brought things I know together in another way, but it did seem a lot of page space was spent explaining things I already knew in too much detail, although some readers may find it just right for them.  It makes me feel just a tad more powerful to think that I have more choice, control and the ability to effect change than I might have previously thought . . . and that now there’s no excuse for not creating what I want. (Actually, I’m not sure that makes me feel better . . .)

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