DAY 2: It’s about time!

Give yourself a period of time where you can sit down and spend time to make the decisions you need to let go of stuff.  If you don’t have the time, you either will toss and regret, which makes it harder to toss the next time, or you will feel too rushed to make the decision to keep or let something go, so you’ll keep everything.   As you are sorting, think about what’s going into the Put Aways.  Do you really need that item?  Have you used it in the last year?  Could you take a picture of it and keep the picture, but give away the item?  What purpose does it serve?   Is it worth the space it takes up?   Ask yourself these and any other questions to determine whether an item is worth storing.   Don’t be too hard or yourself right now.  If you need to keep it, go ahead!   If ten minutes seemed just right to you yesterday, sort for about ten minutes again today.  Don’t do too much too soon or you may burn out.

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