Body Clutter

Body Clutter, by Marla Cilley and Leanne Ely (Fireside, 2005) is a book from the heart.  It’s written by the Fly Lady and Saving Dinner authors, whose focus on baby steps to organize home via the website FlyLady helps people all over.

Marla and Leanne have taken the baby steps idea and speak as though they are standing there next to us, to encourage us to build routines into our lives to make sure we eat right and get exercise.

Marla and Leanne found that when they loved themselves enough to care about what they ate and how much they exercised, they were able to move that scale.

First, though, they had to stop making excuses for why they couldn’t put themselves first — and decided to eat healthy food in appropriate quantities and get enough exercise to stay healthy.

The body clutter refers to the extra pounds we’re carrying, but also the issues that we might have with food that aren’t serving us.  Being able to forgive yourself or anyone who has initiated your food issues, is important to releasing body clutter.

This in a engaging read, and they have written about their own life stories with candor and humor.

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