Canning 101

I’ve been teaching a class for the local community school in Boulder called Canning 101.  It’s been exciting, and the adult students are very motivated, conscientious and fun!  They’re all darn good cooks too . . . so teaching them to can was not so hard after all.  (I’ve referred them to this blog to check on recipes, so I have to make nice comments about them!)

One of my students, Sharon, who has her own awesome blog, posted on the class! and you should check out her blog, not just for the canning post, but because she’s a graphic designer and her blog is beautiful! Wish I could do some of the things she’s doing . . . that darn html code!

She’s got some posts about local excursions, craft projects, recipes, sewing and inspiration, etc. One of the coolest things about blogs is that many of the writers, like Sharon, are so multifaceted! It’s inspiring! Here ‘s the post link:  Happy reading!

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  • Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for your sweet comments about the teacup incident blog 🙂 We should get together some time and pool our knowledge about blogging. I think yours is very well organized and you write so beautifully.

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