The Little Money Bible

The Little Money Bible: The Ten Laws of Abundance is by Stuart Wilde (Hay House, 1998).  I’ve had this book for a while, and every time I read it, I get more out of it.  It’s a short 99 pages, condensed from two of his books from the Taos Quintet, a set of five books.

Stuart is a self-help author with a metaphysical bent. But don’t let that put you off.  What I’ve noticed when reading some books, is that you will understand certain concepts when you’re ready for them, and not before. There may be some things in this book that you say “yeah, right” about, and then a year later when you reread it, it now makes sense. I know, because that happens to me . . .

It’s the last chapter I’m focusing on right now — about having the self-confidence, self-love and sense of deserving to bring more money into being.  I’m sure you’ve seen people that have so many qualifications and abilities, but they just can’t seem to put themselves in the flow of success.  Then you’ve probably seen other people without as many skills and qualifications, but they feel secure and deserving, and everything seems to come to them.

Just as we can accrue skills for our occupations or our recreations in life, we can accrue skills for attracting financial reward for these things.  Stuart’s book always seems to point out one thing that I could be doing to put myself more in the flow.  Here’s to your success . . .

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