DAY 1: What and how?

Decide what to tackle first.  Is it going to be a corner of the garage, or the bathroom medicine cabinet?  Then get yourself set up.  What seems to work the best for me is to have 3 containers: Garbage, Give Away and Put Away.  The containers should be small enough to tote into a room easily.  You can label them if you want.  In addition, I like to have folding stackable boxes.  This makes sense if you know lots of your Put Aways go in different places, and you need a temporary home for them so that all your work doesn’t come to a halt.  Label the stackable boxes, but don’t stress over it.  The contents and labels may change, so use pencil if you want.  Spend about ten minutes sorting into the boxes.  Then stop for the day.  Congratulate yourself.  Little successes make big successes down the road.

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