Enslaved by Ducks

Enslaved by Ducks (Algonquin, 2004) is a very funny book about Bob and his wife Linda and all the animals they end up acquiring.

Bob feels at times that the animals are running his life — and they are!  Bob resists each new animal, but his wife talks him into it, and then he ends up really caring for them.

Sometimes it seems that the cat and the dog and the chinchillas and leopard geckos and all 33 chickens are kind of running my life, but it’s nothing compared to what Bob’s animals require. And that, makes me feel better.  To know that someone out there has more of a three ring circus than me and can deal with it is inspiring to me.

Seriously, I love my pets and don’t mind caring for them.  The chickens give back eggs, and their antics are humorous.  Where else would I find 33 bodies hurtling themselves through space just to get close to me? (although it has crossed my mind that it’s just for the food . . .).

And who but my dog would insist, every day, that I get up and go out and get some exercise before the sun comes up, and volunteer to protect me at that dark hour? Who but the geckos would encourage me to discard my girlish disgust of squirmy insects by refusing to eat unless I hand fed them mealworms? And the chinchillas are just so soft and cuddly and twirl around in their dust bath so adorably. . .

Pets shape us, and our children.  Pets give back, try our patience, and make us better people for caring. Bob’s pets make me laugh.  Hope you like this book!

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