Think and Grow Rich Part 2

Sometimes there is one main thing I want to pull out of a book to share.  Sometimes, I read a whole book and realize there is nothing there that excites me or pushes me to write about.  And sometimes, there is a book like this one, written with the flavor of long ago, but in such an engaging way and with so many useful ideas, that I have to go on and on about it . . .

Okay, so this is only the second post about the book, but Napoleon Hill (in 1937!) has one chapter on the sixth sense. He talks about the sixth sense being creative imagination, hunches, and beyond description.  Then he embarks on a very interesting description of what he calls an imaginary council with his imaginary counselors.

He picked nine men who exemplify the characteristics he wanted in his personality.  He picked these men because he had studied them already, and knew quite a bit about them.  He picked Lincoln, Napoleon, Ford, Carnegie, Emerson, Edison, Darwin, Burbank and Paine.

Every night he would hold his imaginary council.  He imagined them sitting around a table.  He imagined bringing issues to them.  After a few months, his imaginary council started to do things on their own.  Lincoln was usually late, and walked in with a grave face.  Burbank once told the group about experimenting with apples, which got them joking about the dangers of apples and serpents.  His account of the meetings is lively and fascinating.

While Hill attributes his council’s antics to his own imagination, imagine what it would be like to meet night after night with such a high quality group of people.  People who inspire and lift you up, mentor you and urge you on.  I think that we were given imagination for just such a reason.  With such a team, it would seem that you are almost bound to win.

Whether you have an active creative imagination, or feel like you have no imagination, surround yourself with people (imaginary or real) who are pulling for you.  Let them in, and appreciate their help.  You may find that with that support you are able to do amazing things.

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