Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill (Penguin 2005), is a book that was first published in 1937.  I’ve run across it many times in other things I’ve read, so finally, I’m reading it.  Some of the principles are so very similar to other current books it’s as if Napoleon traveled to the future and brought back to 1937 some of the more advanced thoughts of our age.  Either that or we, as a culture have regressed. I’m not making any more comments about that . . .

Napoleon studied many of the great minds of his era and those who had gone before.  He came up with a thirteen step formula that would help people achieve their goals and become successful.  One of the most fascinating of his steps was the idea linked to the old saying that behind every successful man there is a (supportive?) woman.

Now I’d hate to think that I can’t be successful unless I was a man, and I don’t believe that’s what the old saying or Napoleon meant.  His chapter to me means that the people who have achieved the most success have learned to transmute the energy of their attraction for someone into the energy of inspiration and focused work.  Now that’s all in my own words, and you’ll have to read it the way Napoleon wrote it to get the whole story.

One of the principles of our day is that if you set a goal, and then think about achieving it with as much emotion, feeling and excitement as you can muster, as often as you can, it’s more likely that your goal will succeed. Business people and athletes seek out good vibes to enhance their “game” on a daily basis. What better way to generate a good vibe than by linking it to something that generates a positive emotion?

So if you’re feeling without an anchor, floating (like I feel sometimes) and not able to direct yourself with sufficient energy towards your goal, then choose a muse.  Whether it’s a living person, a legend or a fantasy person, harness the energy of your attraction or admiration to drive your actions.  It’s worth trying, isn’t it?  And even though I was going to say, now isn’t that simple, I won’t . . .

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