Making a Living Without a Job

Currently I’m jobless, but I’m wishing hard and trying to do whatever I can to get one: applying, going for interviews, etc.  I saw Making a Living Without a Job by Barbara Winter (Bantam, 2009) in the office supply store the other day, was intrigued, popped it open, browsed through it and instantly knew that I needed to read it.

Why?  Because I’ve been looking at my situation through the lenses of lack rather than opportunity.  You might be thinking you’re about to hear more pollyannaisms.  That, by the way, is a new word, created a few minutes ago. And creation is a good thing!  The subtitle of Barbara’s book is: Winning Ways for Creating Work That You Love.

Across our country, unemployment has risen.  That’s the focus of the news that we hear.  Did you know, though, that lots of new businesses have been created?  For some people, out of loss, opportunity arises. Some of the people who have started new businesses may not have, if their job path had supported them.  They were in essence forced to strike out on their own, and the rewards have been great.

This book is not about making all your food from scratch so you don’t need money, but it’s about creating profit centers, or income streams, doing things that you love.  It’s also about trying to figure out what it is you love to do, and how to lasso those loves and put them to work creating money.

Barbara paints a word picture of spinning plates.  If you’ve ever watched someone who spins lots of plates on long poles, it looks extremely difficult.  But then you notice that they get one plate spinning first, before going on to the next plate.  They keep checking on each plate once it’s put into motion, and if they have to, give it another spin.  In the meantime, they start new plates.

This is not unlike the profit centers or income streams.  You start one, and get it going to the point where you feel like you can start another.  To some that may seem really hard, but if you break it down into baby steps, it’s much easier. When you see results and feel confident enough to try to put up another plate, you do!

We think about having a “job”, and having that one job pay for everything, and often that job limits us. Often a job is not something we really love to do, but something that we will endure because it pays our bills.

There is no doubt that it takes some initiative to think about what you really want to do and how you will do it, but most people who create a business that they love never want to go back to getting a “job”.  They are happier, work harder because they want to, and find ways to make it work. Sometimes it works so well they surpass their “job” income and never have the time to look back, because they are looking for their next opportunity with anticipation.

If you are currently “jobless” or looking for some encouragement to take a step into making your own living, I highly recommend this book.   Just getting into motion in the search for work makes things happen.  Reading about what’s possible tends to make things happen.  And getting to pollyanna optimism does, for many people, make things happen.

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