How to Wish

Noelle has become discouraged in The Wishing Year. Things started to seem to move for her, but then her worries took over.  Sounds like someone I know.  All along the way in my progress through my degree as well as my first two jobs, things just seemed to happen for me, not without some effort, but I had the expectation, knowing that I had been an excellent student and that my recommendations were excellent as well, that I would be a good teacher and get a good job.

This year, though, everyone has been talking about money and loss and unemployment and I tried to stay above it, to keep myself from descending into the negative worries, but I guess I just wasn’t strong enough.

Noelle, beset by worries, and separated from her mentor, Carole, who is in France, needs to take matters into her own hands.  She buys several books on wishing, and spends a day looking them over.  She distills these steps for wishing (I have paraphrased her words):

1. become very clear about what you want — identify and name it

2. make sure the wish doesn’t harm others

3. take care of obstacles that have kept other wishes from coming true

4. look for support — people to guide and encourage you

Meanwhile, her philosophical mind is picking apart the writers of these wish books. Yes, I know, it seems so simple, but why does it work?  That’s my question too, as a scientist.

Then she opens  a book by Paul Pearsall called Wishing Well: Making Your Every Wish Come True. He’s a licensed clinical neuropsychologist. That sounds very scientific. Somehow, in his book, there seems to be a formula that works for Noelle.  The first thing to wish for, according to Pearsall, is Serenity.

Serenity — according to the definition I’m looking at in the Dictionary, is the state of being serene, and Serene means calm, peaceful, tranquil.

There is no room for the voices of worries to keep reminding me that I have to get a job.  I don’t need to keep focusing on possibly losing my home.  I need to lay those aside for a bit and put my wish out there. Use the energy that I’ve been using to state that there is a problem, to state that a solution is going to come soon.

Noelle is wishing to buy a home (she’s been renting since her divorce) to find a love (she’s been on her own a long time and feeling lonely) and for spirit.   I love this book, and don’t want to spoil it for you by telling you the whole story.  Besides, she does it so much better than I would.  I will say, though, that she’s making progress on her home wish, and out of the blue she received a call from a man who wants to meet her because he loves her writing.  Now that — that just makes me shiver!

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