Eat Pray Love

I just came back from the movie Eat Pray Love based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s transformation.  I read the book too, a while ago, and I felt like I knew her, that part of her resided in me.  The part that was just not willing to let go of things, to feel the unbalance and realize that life is just a set of transformations, big and small, and that trying to be in control all the time is not our mission, nor does it serve us.

As I write this it comes to me — all the ways that I get in my own way.  That my mind takes over, and that my heart has to go along with it, when it should be the heart leading the way.

I also stumble over myself when I think that I know what’s best for me in my closed world, rather than being guided to see beyond, through the opportunities that lay ahead in the road that I politely step over even though they are begging to be picked up.

I fall flat on my face when I try to fit myself into the mold of what I think others think I should be, do, or have.  How can I let someone else decide what I should do when I am unusual, unique, one-of-a-kind?

While travel is her vehicle for self-discovery, my vehicle is home and family, but I continue to discover new things every day, and when I feel the most stuck is when change is right there, egging me on, wondering when I’m going to take that first step forward on the balance beam.

It’s a great movie, but it hasn’t received the best reviews and that’s too bad.  Because the doubts and fears that Liz encounters in the movie mirror those we encounter when we undergo our own transformations, and when I see someone else with similar challenges gather the pluck to travel on through life, it encourages me to try as well.  Two thumbs up.

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