Hands Off the Bar!

What do these words have in common:  reinvent, transform, resuscitate, renaissance?  (Other than that they all have “R’s” in them?)  Did anyone say anything about change?

I’ve always loved taking photos.  Within a rectangular frame I can capture a moment in time and preserve it exactly the way I saw it for an instant.  I have boxes and boxes of photos of my kids . . . their 1st birthday . . . first ride on a choo choo. . . first swimming lesson . . .

But a photo is not alive, and things that are alive change all the time whether they want to or not. Sometimes they change a little, sometimes a lot, sometimes they change back, almost to a earlier version of themselves, and sometimes they change so far from their origins that they are unrecognizable.

I used to think that we continued to grow until we got to a certain state of, let’s say, “maturity”, like a fine cheese or wine,  and then we’d made it and we could coast — just sit back and enjoy the view. I was wrong about that!  And disappointed!!!!  Because even though I’d worked hard to get to where I was and thought I wanted to stay the same, transformations started in me and my life that I didn’t want.

Then I started looking around to see what was happening to everyone else — like when you’re on a roller coaster, and you think you’re the only one who’s screaming and gripping the bar with white knuckles, but you hear someone else screaming too.  Yep, I heard lots of screamers, but I heard nervous laughter too, and something extraordinary: someone yelling “Bring it on!”  With their hands in the air!

I’ve decided to stop resisting change.  I’m not embracing it, but just not resisting it. My hands are still on the bar, but I experience moments of loosening my grip.  I feel like I’ve moved into nervous laughter at times.  Some day I hope to be yelling “Bring it on!” too.

reinvent – to invent anew, as in a different form, to bring back, revive

transform – to change into another substance, form, or nature

resuscitate – to revive from unconsciousness

renaissance – a renewal of life, interest, rebirth

Do you have a favorite “hands off the bar” moment?

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