Peanut Blossoms

This was my favorite cookie when I was a kid. Actually, my favorite--favorite… [more]

Peanut Blossoms Peanut Blossoms

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Peanut Blossoms

This was my favorite cookie when I was a kid.

Actually, my favorite–favorite cookie was the peanut butter cookie that you press a fork into at right angles to get a little cross hatch design, but that was before these were even known to me. Or Reese’s PB Cups.  And these are kind of like baked Reese’s PB Cups . . . I wonder if everyone from my generation has this recipe in their recipe box . . .

So one of my kids saw this recipe and started crooning about how they love them and so today is not only going to be a cookie day, but a peanut blossom day.  I don’t know why I pander to my kids though.  They certainly don’t pander to me!

My son and daughter now are competing to be hand models for my recipes. Actually, they’re competing about everything, and they won’t let me play Mario Bros with them.

They lose their patience with me because I’m always falling off things and forgetting to press the “bubble”.  Or I’m always bubbling and they have to keep saving me.  When they were young, I was always patient . . .

They totally ignore me until they are both in bubbles and then they can’t wait to get my attention . . . .

Anyway, I’m still making the cookies.  Even though I’m underappreciated.

1. Measure out 1/2 cup of peanut butter. I’ve yet to come up with a great way to measure peanut butter when I don’t have a liquid to immerse it in.  My son is measuring it on top of the butter, trying to recreate the same shape hence volume  . . . hmmmmm  . . . .  Cream together 1/2 cup butter, 1/2 cup peanut butter and 1/2 cup each of white and brown sugar.

2. Add one egg and 1 teaspoon vanilla.

3. Cream into butter/sugar mixture.

4. Mix together 1 3/4 cups flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon salt.

Now ask someone to unwrap the chocolate kisses.  Humor her when she makes a fortress and asks you to take a picture of it.

Ask your son to add the dry ingredients, and wait until he “sculpts” the flour so that it looks cooloer.

5.  Add dry ingredients.  Dough should end up rollable, but not too soft or too dry.  If you want you can refrigerate now before rolling into 3/4″ balls.

6. Roll into balls.  Be sure to leave space for spreading out.

7. Bake at 375 degrees for 9 minutes.

8.  Press the hershey kiss in after cookies come out of the oven and cool for about 2 minutes.  Then move to cooling tray.  Chocolate will soften and be soft for quite a while, so don’t pack away until chocolate kisses have rehardened.

You can make big cookies and press hershey kisses into the centers, or tiny cookies and press large chocolate chips into the center, or press chocolate stars into the center. They’re fabulous however you make them.

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